“The staff and Dr Stephanie are always wonderful to deal with and always take great care of Rumples!! Thank you so much!”
-Linda B., Google

“Everyone at this hospital is patient with me and my dog. We get a bit nervous bringing her in. Thankful to have some very kind people willing to work with us.”
-Ben H., Google

“Vets were quick in getting my dog into the exam room, thoroughly listened to our problems, quickly determined the cause of her illness and recommended a simple medication plan that got my dog back to her normal spunky self in no time.”
-Dusty C., Google

“Great place to take your pets. Great, helpful people.”
-Don W., Google

“Took amazing care of my cinnamon let me give her loves after her surgery!!!!!”
-Tracey T., Google

“Best vet staff in the area!”
-Nathaniel O., Google

“My lil pinky(dog) is always scared to go to vet, they are very welcoming with her and try to make her feel better they have all kinds of treats to help. But my old dog don’t like treats unless its bacon lol . They are very professional and wonderful with the animals..”
-Becky P., Google

“I have a 9 yr old English mastiff. I took him in to the clinic because he has had chronic ear infections for the last three years. I have taken him to 3 different vets to help with his ears, and nothing has helped. Dr. Steph suggested an oti-pac treatment for his ears. It took 3 applications of the treatment, but his ears are completely better. It’s an expensive treatment but well worth the money!! He is doing great! Thank you Dr. Steph and all your amazing staff!!”
-Leah K., Google

“1st time,Great staff.Awesome Vet.”
-Naomi W., Google

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“Dr. Stephanie and the staff have always been amazing and so good with our dogs. Joyce who grooms our dogs is very special to us she truly does awesome with our dog(s) I can’t say enough about this place. I have ALWAYS had good experiences with them. When our dog Shank passed away they took great care of him and my family during that hard time. Thank you Desert View for all you do for our fur babies. I would recommend them to everyone.”
-Angie P., Facebook

“Such a great staff! I have the best DOGGO ever and he loves his Doctor. My kitty kids are split on the decision, my older boy is relaxed and loves the attention. My baby kitten really doesn’t like to be still for a minute, but the staff said he is the best!! So of course they are amazingly patient with my spoiled little child, but that’s what makes them great in my eyes.”
-Anney M., Google

“Dr. Steph and her staff answered all my questions, addressed concerns, and spent time making my frightened cat feel safe.”
-Cynthia K., Google

“This vet team is amazing! I will never go anywhere else! They love all of my fur babies like their own. They give us quality service and Dr. Steph really knows what she’s doing. From my puppy to having to put my older dog down they really did it all for me and with such compassion. They are a gem in our little town and I am so glad I have them on my side.”
-Dakota P., Google

“Most caring people and amazing with my fur babies”
-Robyn D., Google

“They’re always friendly. My dog loves to go to the vet because of this place!.”
-Donny P., Google

“Everything has always been great! Thank you all very much. The only place in town we will go :)”
-Sunshine S., Google

“Great Priest and generous people. The parishioners take care of one another.”
-Mike D., Google