Preventative & Healthcare Products

Pets are considered a part of the family. Of course, we want all the best for our family. We make sure that they receive the best care and use the most trusted products.

Here at Desert View Animal Hospital, we only distribute brands that veterinarians already have tried and have proven safe and effective. This includes Hill’s Science & Prescription Diet, one of the most recommended brands when it comes to pet food products. We also have many of the products that your pets need, from grooming to health care.

We carry the following products:

  • Food
  • Health care products
  • Science Diet Foods
  • Royal Canin Pet Foods
  • Treats
  • Dental Care

Desert View Animal Hospital is a registered distributor of Science Diet, Hill’s Prescription Diet and Royal Canin Diets, guaranteeing that all of your pet’s dietary needs are safely and effectively met.