Meet Our Team

“Passionate Professionals helping animal lovers protect the special bond they share with their furry family members.”

Stephanie Wallendorff

Veterinarian, Owner

Dr. Stephanie, a Wyoming native began her career at Desert View Animal Hospital as an associate in 2005 after graduating from Veterinary School, in 2010 purchased the practice with her husband. She graduated from Lander Valley High School in Lander, WY and went onto Laramie County Community College in Cheyenne, WY earning her an Associate of Applied Science in Equine Studies. She then obtained her Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Science from the University of WY in Laramie, WY as well as Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Colorado State University in Ft. Collins CO.

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Dr. Stephanie moved to Rock Springs to begin her first Veterinary Job at a clinic upon graduation from Veterinary School. She recalls wanting to always work in the field and enjoyed working with animals and describes working for a Veterinarian over Summer while still in College giving her the confidence to decide on such a career for herself.

As a Veterinarian some of her special interests include: Small animal dentistry, working up complex medical cases, fear-free, improving the human/animal bond, working with Law Enforcement working dogs and preventative health. I am a member of the WyVMA and the AVMA. She also serves on the Sweetwater County District Board of Health and the Rock Springs Animal Care Committee.

Dr. Stephanie’s family consists of two wonderful children, two horses: “Badger” and “Howdy”, two goats: “Billy” and “Larry”. Four dogs: “Dug”, “Sage”, “Gladius” and “Kaycee”. Four house cats: “Bella”, “Fiona”, “Lucy” and “Nefertiti”. Multiple barn cats: “Dutchess”, “Olaf”, “Penelope”, “Nosferatu”, “Leia”, “Biscuit”, “Sweet Pea” and “Fat Man”.

When she’s not caring for your furry loved ones, she enjoys traveling to watch her children play baseball and softball, horseback riding, gardening, and stained glass art.

Brad Wallendorff

Owner, Practice Manager

Brad purchased Desert View Animal Hospital in 2010 and is the current practice manager as of 2019. He and his wife are both native to Rock Springs, WY — that mixed with the need to continue their long-standing roots in Rock Springs opportunity was born!

Brad is a retired Law Enforcement Officer/Bomb Technician and is an active-duty member of the Air National Guard who enjoys extending his responsibilities running a veterinary practice with his wife, as he loves a challenge and running a veterinary practice has plenty of them to conquer!

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Brad and his wife Steph together have two great kids. We have four dogs: Kaycee, Dug, Gladius and Sage, two horses Badger and Howdy and two goats named Larry “the wonder” goat, and Billy the “super goat”. They also fancy themselves cat ranchers with their four indoor and multiple outdoor cats!

In his free time, Brad enjoys the outdoors, hunting, fishing, watching his kids play baseball and softball and helping them improve in the sport and brewing his own beer… lastly, he really loves dogs!
Brad is a proud member of several Veteran’s Organizations and makes time in his busy schedule to volunteer as a board member for a local traveling baseball organization, and as a coach for a local traveling softball organization as well.

Joyce Fletcher

Grooming Owner/Operator

Joyce has been the Owner and Operator of the Grooming Department at Desert View Animal Hospital since October of 1998! She graduated High School and immediately began her career grooming animals for the last 21 years. She is driven to provide a comfortable environment for her clients and feels great pride when she earns their trust in the process. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband and a wonderful son. She has a dog named “Carmen” and a lizard named “Fletch”.

Sierra Whittaker

Veterinary Assistant Supervisor

Sierra is a Rock Springs Native and began working with Desert View Animal Hospital 2 years ago. In the Summer of 2014, she volunteered at DVAH as she has always preferred a profession in the Veterinary Industry; it turns out that was the catalyst to the start of a lifelong career and she is enthusiastic about the workday ahead assuming there will be puppy kisses involved! Sierra has a Mastiff named “Kya” and a cat named “Oliver”.

April Adkins

Receptionist/Veterinary Assistant

April began working with Desert View Animal Hospital in 2019. She moved to Rock Springs, WY with her family in 2008. It has been her passion to work with animals since she was little, making the decision to work with Desert View an easy one, she describes knowing within the first few weeks working with the team that she was in the right profession. April has two Blue Heelers named “Rusty” and “Stroker”, and a painter turtle named “Shelvin”. In her free time, she enjoys being in the great outdoors!

Cristina Anderson

Receptionist Supervisor

Christina is a native of Rock Springs, WY and began working with Desert View Animal Hospital in June of 2019. Though she worked previously as a Cosmetologist for 15 years, she’s always had a love for animals, and promptly accepted a position with Desert View to apply her passion for helping sick and injured animals back to health. She has two dogs, “Rosie” and “Huck”, and one cat named “Sargent”. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her awesome son!

Livia O’Hurley

Receptionist/Kennel Technician

Livia started working with DVAH in October 2019. Livia was born in Perm, Russia and moved to Rock Springs, WY with her husband last year. She recalls being an animal lover dating back to childhood has always had a pet to care for. In her adult life she is dedicated to caring for other’s pets and providing care big or small, this an accomplishment she carries with her. Livia finds herself working towards a career she’s dreamed of since high school and looks forward to gaining experience in her field. Livia’s family consists of her husband and 6 fur kids: “Zeus” (German Shepherd), “Khaleesi” (Shepherd/Heeler mix), “Pennie” (Lab mix), “Rivers” (Boxer mix), “Annie” (Catahoula/Lab mix) and “Bailey” (King Shepherd). In her free time, she enjoys many creative and physical pursuits such as art, reading, snowboarding and snowmobiling, horseback riding and of course playing with her dogs!